Andrew Crawford

Fine Decorative Boxes

Pandora seemed to be an appropriate word to use for this area in view of the content of the rest of the site ~ I use it here merely to imply a miscellany of items, a variety of stuff that doesn’t fit into any other category.

I now discover that the Oxford Dictionary definition is:

‘… n. a process that once activated will generate many unmanageable problems. In Greek mythology the box from which the ills of mankind were released, Hope alone remaining: f. Gk Pandora all-gifted (as pan-, doron gift).’

Another definition:

‘PANDORA:’in Greek mythology, first woman on earth. ZEUS ordered her creation as vengeance on man and his benefactor, PROMETHEUS, to whose brother Epimetheus he sent her. Zeus gave her a box that he forbade her to open. She disobeyed and let out all the world’s evils. Only hope remained in the box. ‘

Not what I meant at all – more akin to a can of worms, then.   Still, I like the name [that’s her on the right] and its obvious association with boxes.  I will be adding to this regularly and I hope you will find some interesting stuff.  Have a look, you never know what you might find – and don’t worry, you won’t release anything dreadful into an unsuspecting world by looking at this page, or opening any of the links listed below. I hope.