Andrew Crawford

Fine Decorative Boxes

NB: Updated June 4th, 2013.

box for silver whisky tumblers

For the last few years I have been actively promoting the teaching and courses side of the business as I intend that this should become the core of my activities. This is to enable me to take on fewer new commissions.

However, I am still accepting commissions as I am still committed to supplying the highest quality work to those that are prepared to wait. I am gradually working through a substantial waiting list after a somewhat problematic few years, but progress is still slow. I have been guilty in the past of allowing myself to get over-committed – I’m keen not to get into this situation again so I’m being very careful how much I take on.

To this end I’m quoting relatively long delivery times – so if you’d like to contact me about commissioning something please bear in mind that I currently have a long waiting list and although I can do some jobs relatively quickly some customers are having to wait 2 years or more for delivery.

Thank you. AC.